Whenever you are planning a party

Whenever you are planning a party, one of the most important things to consider is what type of entertainment you want to book to keep your guests entertained and to create the most fantastic atmosphere for the whole evening. If you are looking for a singer for a party, you have come to the right place! Choosing a singer for a party is one of the most effective and versatile ways to add musical entertainment and there are so many to choose from – some you may not have even heard of! But where should you start looking?

Using one of many entertainment directories available on the Internet, you can not only find different types of singer, but also source actual acts that are available to book for your upcoming party too. This takes the stress out of finding the right entertainment leaving you to carry on with the rest of your party planning! thoptv.agency pc

So apart from booking male or female singers, what other types of singer are available to hire? You will be shocked to see what is available in this genre! Let’s take a look at some of the various types of singer available to book right now…

Male Singers

One of the main benefits of hiring a male singer is the sheer amount of choice available to you. With male singers, you can choose from a variety of vocal talents, such as the crooner style such as the famous Frank Sinatra or something a little more pop related singing songs from modern groups and artists, such as One Direction and Bruno Mars. A professional male singer will create a fantastic atmosphere for any occasion, from weddings to birthday parties!

Female Singers

Choosing a female singer offers the same benefits as a male singer with a huge selection of talented vocalists who can perform many classic songs from all eras. Many female singers will offer the choice of a live backing band or singing along with backing tracks but no matter which you choose you can be sure of a fabulous performance! The female voice is a lovely addition to party celebrations, especially weddings.

Carol Singers

Are you hosting your party near the festive season or perhaps you are planning a Christmas party for your friends, family or colleagues. Booking Carol Singers will give your guests an authentic and merry atmosphere which will help to get them in the Christmas spirit! Carol Singers generally perform in A Cappella meaning that they don’t need any backing instruments and you can expect to hear famous carols such as “Silent Night” and “Deck the Halls”.

Comedy Singers

For something a little different yet just as popular why not look at hiring a Comedy Singer. This type of performance has become a lot more in demand with celebrity comedy singers such as Tim Minchin performing to massive audiences. No matter what type of party you are planning, choosing a Comedy Singer will offer you and your guests a nice mix of comedy and music as your chosen act performs rather clever songs usually consisting of taboo topics.

Gospel Choirs

For certain types of event, booking a Gospel Choir can really add a stunning atmosphere. Gospel Choirs offer upbeat and influential Gospel music which is a genre of Christian music. Although religious, hiring a Gospel Choir will offer an uplifting experience with performances of hymns, sacred songs and African-American inspired songs. Usually they get everyone involved and joining in too!

A Cappella Groups

If you are planning a more sophisticated or gentle party you might want to consider booking an A Cappella Group. This type of music is performed without the need for backing music or instruments. These talented vocalists rely purely on their voices and perform perfect harmonies together. There is a wide variety of A Cappella Groups including Barbershop Quartets who sing Doo Wop classics, or harmony groups who concentrate on modern hits.

Opera Singers

Add plenty of drama to your upcoming party by choosing an Opera Singer to perform. This type of performance is very niched and works well for certain types of event. Opera Singers showcase their powerful voices by singing Operatic music similar to performances of Maria Callas, Luciano Pavarotti and of course the more recent Paul Potts who found fame after his appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent”.

Guitar Singers

When you think of Guitar Singers, you might think of famous performers such as Sheryl Crow and the current Ed Sheeran. This type of singer has certainly made a comeback in recent years and we have our very own selection to book! Guitar Singers work perfectly for many different types of party as they can perform gentler acoustic songs or heavier tracks too. If you love guitar music why not combine it with a professional singer who will have a huge repertoire of music to choose from?


Although many of the singers we have mentioned so far are very mainstream, there is also room for rappers! Rap music is really popular and has been for many eras now so if you want to put on a performance that will thrill your guests, choose a rapper to perform a modern set-list of songs. Rap music won’t work for every party, however if you are planning a party for a rap fan, such as birthday party we can’t think of anything better!

As you can see, there is a huge selection of singers for hire available and there are even more choices available to you. If you are looking to book a singer for your next party, we highly recommend using an entertainment directory to make things a lot quicker and easier. Find the right entertainment or singer for your next party with ease using our useful tips!